The Beginning

Welcome to NerdBroLife. My name is Justin. This is me.hawaii

I decided to start this blog for those of us that do not neatly fit into either the Nerd or Bro categories, but rather are some sort of mix between the two. Some of us naturally lean more toward Nerd, and some of us lean more towards Bro, but all are welcome here.

This blog will be cultivated for the following group (of which I myself fit into):

  • Male
  • Late teens to early 30’s
  • Intelligent (typically as measured by school performance, but not necessarily constrained by it)
  • Athletic, or at least in shape
  • Has refined tastes and strong opinions. Challenging of the status quo.
  • Is a fan of either stereotypical “Nerd” or stereotypical “Bro” shit. Now I’m sure there are many blogs and services out there that cater to either one exceptionally (and exclusively) well, but I’ve had a hard time finding one that blends the two ostensible opposites. That’s what NerdBro will do.

Of course, that list doesn’t encompass all of the traits that readers of this blog will have. We are each individuals with idiosyncrasies and unique life experiences that have shaped us into the people that we are. However, I have to believe that there are other people out there like me. Men that are self-proclaimed Nerds and (maybe reluctantly due to the stigma), self-acknowledged Bros. I know that traditional media outlets have underrepresented us, but this is a place where we can congregate and explore our mutual interests.

So this blog will be a mix of things that I like and I think other NerdBros will enjoy. Some categories that we’ll be covering are:

  1. Movies & Television
  2. Video Games
  3. Lifestyle & Home
  4. Sports
  5. Science & History
  6. Economics & Finance
  7. Dating & Women.

That’s seven categories, one for each day of the week. I’ll do my best to maintain a regularity to the writing schedule, both for myself and for you other NerdBros.

I’m really excited for the journey ahead. Let’s get into it!


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